AKC Breeder Of Merit located near Bridgeport, Texas
Visions Border Collies

 We've been raising Border Collies for 20+ years!! And know this, we do not breed the herding drive out, because then they wouldn't be Border Collies true to the breed. These are not couch potato dogs, but can be very active!

As a AKC Breeder Of Merit, we offer high quality Border Collie puppies for sale out of health certified parents. Our goal is to produce Border Collies with herding ability, good health, nice structure and happy temperaments all in a beautiful package!  We believe in  and do the OFA hip x rays, DNA testing for CEA and TNS. The CL has been bred out of our lines and therfore we don't need to test for it anymore.

 Producing AKC and UKC registered Border Collie puppies to approved very active, forever homes. Our Border Collie puppies are proven to be competitive in most sporting or performance venues such as working stock / herding, agility, flyball, obedience, frisbee or disc, dock diving, tracking, therapy & more. 

Please be sure you are up to the task of raising a Border Collie as they can be a handful during puppy hood! The Border Collie breed isn't for everybody, so be sure you are willing to spend a lot of time training your Border collie puppy.

Located near Dallas and Fort Worth in North Texas. We also have many customers that have come from Houston, Austin and San Antonio plus many more! Our pups have been placed out of state and internationally.

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We produce border collie puppies in many colors and patterns, such as black, slate blue or dilute, brown, red, ee red, gold, tan point or tricolor, red merle, blue merle, sable merle, with white markings some with blue eyes. We also have the fuller/ longer type border collie coats.